Website Design – Getting Started Guide

Posted on : by : Derrick Wallace


Website design is create process which is a very importent part of the web development process. This guide shall show you how to go about starting your first website design, crafting something that is functional and art at the same time. This guide shall be a starting point for you as an upcoming website designer.

Choose something simple for your first design

Having a higher chance of success with an easy goal will give you more confidence to go on into the world of expert web design. If however you start with to high of an ambition, you may end up failing and losing interest before you even really started. Just choose something simple and fun which fits your interests (sports, games, whatever you like!).

A good starting point is also a blog. It gives you already possibilites to test and improve your design abilities and at the same time you will learn about content management systems (CMS) which will end up helping you later on. Most sites which give you the possibility to create blogs will already present some templates for you which you can use as a starting point for your design.

This will give you your insights into how website programming and design languages work (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript, …). Setting up your structures, adding style elements, learning what works for you and what doesnt.

But as mentioned before, you can also start with your content idea right away if blog writing is not your thing. In any case it will be neccessary to learn the basics (like the languages), watching and reading tutoriales, developing and refining your skills. All this will be much more easy if your topic fits your interets.