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Sugardaddy or Sugarbabe: All about Sugardating Websites and their design

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The relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is becoming increasingly popular in Germany as well. Wealthy men (Sugardads) are looking for significantly younger women (Sugarbabes) for erotic relationships. In return, the ladies receive high-priced, exclusive attentions.

In the following you will find out where you can find a suitable sugar babe as a sugar daddy and what special features characterize this form of relationship.

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Sugardaddy? Unfortunately, in real life for women it is not always immediately obvious whether a man is rich and has something to offer.

But even wealthy men don’t have it easy: If a sugar baby is wanted, it is unclear at first which young lady is open to such a relationship model. In addition, the job usually leaves them little time to go looking for a bride.

To find a Sugarbaby in Germany, there are therefore various sites on the Internet. Well-known examples are, and Here you can register and be sure that the girls you have registered meet the relevant criteria.

At Sugar Daddy Dating you will find contacts from all over Germany. In order to find a patron or a Sugarbabe nearby, the portals offer proximity searches. Filters and categories can also be used to display babies and daddies that match personal preferences in terms of appearance, sexual fantasies, hobbies, income, etc.

If you like a certain profile, you can easily contact this person via chat or private message, just like on other online dating sites.

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Is sugar dating modern prostitution?
On the internet you can read articles again and again in which sugar babes are equated with whores. This comparison is misleading, because there are some differences.

First of all, in contrast to a fixed fee, young women receive primarily material consideration from their older patrons. Expensive clothes, jewelry or shoes, for example. With alimony payments, some sugar dads also provide financial support. Invitations to exclusive VIP parties and long-distance travel as well as job placements are also common “gifts”.

Secondly, the sugar babies do not “work” in the classic sense. For the Sugar Daddy Dating, the women do not register a business – after all, what they receive are gifts and not wages.

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The ladies also decide for themselves whether they meet a man or not. If it comes to a date, they expect something in return, but ultimately have no claim to it.

Thirdly, the relationship with a sugar daddy is almost always long-term. Of course, some prostitutes also have regular clients, but for many men, the paysex is about one-time sex with different hookers.

Fourthly, sugar babies are mainly young women. Prostitution, on the other hand, is also pursued by many mature ladies, MILFs and even grannies.

A few overlaps between sugar girl and whore cannot be denied, however. Prostitutes primarily recruit clients via the Internet, and many sugar ladies also place ads for the search for a sugar daddy. In addition, just like brothel visits, sugar dates are also strongly sexual and “cost” the sugar dad a little – even if not in cash.

sugardaddy websites