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9gag alternatives

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9GAG alternative: Imgur
At Imgur, users can upload funny pictures
and share them with the whole world. Here too, users regularly upload funny memes that will be laughed at by the whole world tomorrow.
As a registered user you can rate and comment on the photos. Furthermore, the pictures can be added to your personal favorites.
The most viewed or commented pictures are displayed on the start page.
If you want to follow the fun on the go, Imgur offers you an iPhone or Android app.
Click here to go to [[http://www.chip.de/webapps/Imgur_76397729.htmlWebseite from Imgur]].
Alternative to 9GAG: Imgur

Alternative to 9GAG: Imgur

9gag alternative

9GAG alternative: BoredPanda
BoredPanda is also considered a popular contact point among digital natives. From here, new fun pictures and stories find their way into the World Wide Web.
Registered users also have the opportunity to comment and vote for a contribution.
At BoredPanda you can also upload your own fun pictures with just a few clicks.
This page is divided into categories. At the top of the main menu you can switch between the respective categories.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can use the search function and look for a specific picture.
There is currently only one iOS app available for this page.
With just one click you can access the BoredPanda offer.
Alternative to 9GAG: BoredPanda
Alternative to 9GAG: BoredPanda

9GAG alternative: BuzzFeed
The German-language site BuzzFeed is known to many people in this country. The website offers fun in pictures and stories, which are perfect for a little break in between.
You can browse the categories “LOL”, “ingenious”, “omg”, “sweet”, “fail” as well as “wtf”.
Besides funny stories and pictures you will also find different quizzes.
All you need is a Facebook account to comment. You can also rate the stories and posts without logging in.
Unlike on the other pages, unfortunately you cannot upload your own pictures here.
Unfortunately, the page is provided with a lot of advertising. In some cases you have to switch to several pages for a post.
For BuzzFeed there is also only one iOS app available at the moment.
With only one step you can reach the BuzzFeed website.
Alternative to 9GAG: BuzzFeed
Alternative to 9GAG: BuzzFeed
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