laptop and website that makes people click

20 fantastic web design ideas, that make everyone click

Posted on : by : Derrick Wallace

Creating a website for your business can be a big challenge. With all the different approaches to web design, it can be difficult to know how to stand out and attract your target audience at the same time. We have broken down the latest web design trends to inspire you with fantastic web designs right from the start.

When you are ready for your amazing new website, look at these ideas and find the missing link to a great design.

laptop and website that makes people click

Clean and modern web design

One of the most common approaches to website design in recent years has been the clean, modern look. With this style of web design you can expect sans-serif fonts, minimalist designs, intuitive navigation and a flat look. This approach often feels more formal. So if you have an education, technology or consulting business, consider these examples.

We especially like the modern web design of Anton Siribaddana’s Academy of Agriculture. Starting an educational program with a unique mission can raise questions for a potential clientele. To avoid confusion among your visitors, a clean and modern web design can make everything clear. The Academy’s website uses a grid system with symbols and short paragraphs to answer important questions that many people are likely to have about your business.

Friendly and entertaining web design

Make your website friendly and entertaining by adding playful illustrations, bright color palettes, exciting fonts and detailed graphics. Companies use this style of web design to provide their customers with a complete online experience. Choose this style when you are in the world of restaurants, food, vacations or entertainment. This style also works for companies in any industry who want to look more open.

Check out the web design of Valentine’s Deli on CAMERA 5. This website contains entertaining illustrations of mountains, cabins, hiking and campfires. The unique black and white line drawings create a simple and realistic feel, almost as if one of your friends had drawn these illustrations at home. Visitors are given a hint that Valentine’s Day owners like to have fun and keep in touch with their local environment.

Classic and old-fashioned web design

Classic web design brings nostalgia, warmth and familiarity to the Internet, a place that often feels cold and digital. Old school fonts, faded textures and skeuomorphisms help create these emotions. If your customers are looking for familiarity and reliability in your business – for example, if you are a baker, an analog photographer, a screen printer or a vintage clothing brand – a classic web design can give your customers a sense of comfort.

Check out Mike Barnes’ textile blacksmith website. This website achieves the classic vintage look by using a faded yellow-white background, an old illustration of a screen printer, a typewriter font and faded images from the screen printing process. These elements convey to customers that textile blacksmiths specialize in printing techniques from a bygone era, especially an era when printers paid incredible attention to detail.

Web design that works

If you are working on a new website, we hope you can use this guide as a starting point. Get some new ideas through the examples provided once you know which of the above categories your company fits into. Before you know it, you’ll be in touch with customers and consumers all over the web.