15 websites where you can kill time - click at your own risk

15 websites where you can kill time – click at your own risk

Posted on : by : Derrick Wallace

Whether you just need a little boost for your brain, want to disconnect or are bored, these pages offer perfect Internet-style hobbies.

To say it again, it’s not our fault if you waste a lot of time on these pages. But we wish you a lot of fun ­čśë

15 websites where you can kill time - click at your own risk

600 Game Classics
Classic games like “Defender”, “Burger Time” or “Golden Axe” can be played directly in the browser. The Internet Archive, under the name The Internet Arcade, makes them available.

A joyful guessing game
In this online game, you land at a random location on this planet and have to guess where you are. Absolute danger of addiction!

The most useless Internet since the WWW
The Useless Web is a random number generator that sends you to a useless but funny page every time you click. And the number of these convoluted sites on the web is apparently infinite. One click on the “Please” button and the journey begins. For example, we landed on a page that evaluates the security factor of user-selected passwords. But always only with stupid sayings. Very amusing.

Fascinating graphics
With your mouse, you can create a large piece of “interactive generative art” on this page – and share it with your friends on Facebook. By the way, excellent examples are regularly featured here. For example, this representation of Samus Aran from the Nintendo Metroid game, which was created by user Alan :

A quick word to all digital natives, gamers and time-on-the-web fans:

Distraction for designers & co
There are a number of games that creatives can use to distract themselves from their work – and of course all the other office rubbers, students, pupils or anyone who just wants to clear their head for a moment. From logo quizzes to pixel riddles to colour coding.

Super Nintendo games in the browser
On the SNES Fun website, you can play dozens of Super Nintendo games for free in your web browser.

Journey to Mars
Why not take a look at Mars in between and see how things are going there and the other way around. With the 360 degree panorama you can explore the surface of Mars.

And now a short jog to the Oberst├╝bchen.
sporcle.com offers many quizzes and games to get tired cells working – and of course to pass the time. You will have to answer questions about sports, geography, music, history or literature, for example.

Kuku Kube – do you recognize the unique square?
In a very short time, the Kuku-Kube has become one of the classics of the fun Internet. And that’s what it’s all about: You have to find the square of a different colour and click on it as quickly as possible. You have 60 seconds to find as many different coloured squares as possible. However: After 60 seconds, even you will not stop. Want to bet?

The Wiki game
The Wiki game is something for smart people. It starts on a random Wikipedia page. In the game, visitors start on a Wikipedia page. For example on “YES WE CAN”. The destination is also chosen at random. In our example it was “RONALDINHO”. Now it’s a matter of clicking on the internal Wikipedia links so cleverly that you reach the target page in 100 seconds. It’s not that easy.

Finding the white cow
Here it’s about finding the white cow on a white surface. You have to go by ear. It’s not difficult, but noise alone is guaranteed to attract many office colleagues.

Finally, you can feel old!
This website makes you look like a grandfather/grandmother even in your tender youth, using every possible measure. It’s exciting, but not for people in the midst of a midlife crisis.

Free rice for everyone!
Want to pass the time by doing something good and improve your English vocabulary? Then freerice.com is for you. For every question you answer correctly, the operators will give 10 grains of rice against world hunger.

The most boring blog in the world.

Cats and music
The procatinator.com website has it all. A wide selection of cat music combinations presented to you randomly. You’ll find the kind of funny crap we love the internet for.